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Aquests són els escrits dels nostres alumnes que, fins ara, han estat selecionats en el Concurs de Premsa Internacional en anglès. Enhorabona a Vi , Iván,  Estrella, Cristina, Júlia i Sunna!!


Hello guys, today I´m going to tell you about my day routine!

In the morning, I wake up at 6.30am for review my phone for example: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook … After that, I get up at 7am for clean my face, brush my teeth...I brush my teeth before I have breakfast because I´m a lazy girl. Then I get dressed, so I leave home to go to school at 7.45am. So I stay at school for 6 hours, from 8am to 14pm. For lunch, my favourite food is bread with ham with a tropical juice.

In the afternoon, I must go home quickly to do my homework because I have a basketball training, it´s also very hard for me. Finally, after 2 hours training I have dinner with my family and then I must go to bed so early because next day I must come back school again.

So this is my day routine, how about you guys??

TUONG UI BUI NGUYEN 3rd Year of Secondary Shool


Hi everyone, My name is Vi and I´m from Vietnam but I live in Spain now.

Today, I'm going to tell you guys about my little cute sister. Her name is Laura and she is 5 years old.

I'm so happy and surprised because I can´t believe my sister has a blue, big eyes, and her hair is yellow. She loves singing, dancing, drawing and she likes selfies, too.

At school, she always wants to discover the new things. At all subjects she has always got 9 or 10 marks in her qualifications. I'm so happy and excited! I hope she will be a talent in the future. Do you guys have a sister or brother like me?? Tell me about it on a comment.

 TUONG UI BUI NGUYEN 3rd Year of Secondary Shool


Hey, my name is Vi or you can call me Ana. I'm going to show you how you can know of all your friends who is your best friend.

The first thing is that she/he always wants to talk with you about your studies, about your family, or life.... The second thing is that she/he always wants to go out with you and sometimes she/he wants to buy some dinner. The third thing is that she/he never lies to you, she/he always says the truth to you. The last thing is when you have a problem, she/he never leaves you alone but she/he also finds the solution to help you. As you spend a long time with this person, make sure your parents know this person, too!

I had my best friend two years ago but now we aren't! Because I came to Spain and she stayed in Vietnam. One week before I went, I was so ill, I must stay in the hospital for five days, I forgot to send a message to her. The day I went, she was asking about me to many friends who went to my class where I was And my friends said :“She has gone” and they sent me a message that said that my best friend was so sad and angry with me. After reading this message, I think I am a bad person:( I only hope she forgives me. I sent her a message but she didn´t answer. From that time, we never talked together anymore.:(

Have you got a best friend?

When did you and your best friend become friends?

TUONG UI BUI 3rd Year of Secondary School

I've been in different countries such as Italy, France, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and England. I love all these countries but England was my favourite trip.
In my school, my teachers organize a trip for students every year but they choose different countries for each year. In 2012, my classmates and me went to París and last year we went to London. I wanted to go since I was 10 years old and when the teachers told me that we were going to go to London I was very happy.

We went five days to London in March, it was the best experience I have ever lived. We went to Big Ben, British Museum, National Gallery, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, The London Eye and The Tower Bridge. What I liked most was the London Tower Bridge because it's incredible and amazing.
I recommend that if you have the opportunity to go to London, don't waste it, because it's a good experience. In fact, I've enjoyed myself a lot in this trip and now it's my favourite city.

Have you ever gone to London?

Do you like London?

What do you think about London?

Would you like to go to London?

IVÁN LEAL GARCÍA First Year of Baccalaureate Level: B1

Kick-Boxing consists in mixing punches and kicks, many people think that this sport could be very dangerous but I don't think so because people who are younger than eighteen years old and compete in a tournament can't hit strong because it's forbidden.
Kick-Boxing is my favourite sport and I have practiced it for four years. My father is my kick-Boxing's trainer, this is an advantage for me because he wants to be the best trainer so I have improved a lot since I started. I train six days a week! the trainings are very hard...

One of my best experiences in this sport is that I I have competed in different countries for example in France, Czech Republic and Austria. When I went to these countries I felt very nervous because it was the world championship! I think that all people in this world could do sport because it's very important.

Do you do sport?

How many days do you do sport?

What do you know about Kick-Boxing?
IVÁN LEAL GARCÍA First Year of Baccalaureate Level: B1

I have always liked pictures, I find the way they capture the world amazing, making each moment last forever.

When I was a child my father used to take a lot of pictures of me, and I hated it. He would say that he wanted to have memories for when he was old so he could remember those moments. I didn't understand him then, but now I do.

Now I like having pictures of whenever I have a good time. I take lots of photos of the things and the people I love because they bring me good memories whenever I see them.

Moreover, I can see the sunset from my room everyday and I think it is fascinating because each minute the sky changes, the clouds are different, the colours get darker... you can take lots of different amazing photos!

ESTRELLA NAVARRO GARCÍA 1st Baccalaureate Level: B1


Vila-real is a small town near Castellon in Spain. It is famous in the world for its football team. It has been in first division for two years now but it was for 10 or 12 years before, too.

In Vila-real there are a lot of amazing places. One of my favourite places is La Ermita (The Hermitage). Other interesting places in my town are the principal Church, the Main Square, the Madrigal Stadium, the Sant Pasqual’s Square and the Concert Hall. Vila-real has got two school of music and some schools of languages. It is a fabulous place for live.

What is your favourite place in your town?

What is your town famous in?

JÚLIA LLORENS ROVIRA 2nd Year of Secondary School


Hello!!! My name is Júlia. I’m 13 years old and I’m from Spain. I love music. I always listen to music.

I love playing the flute. Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to music lessons. In these lessons I learn music, sing and do dictates. On Friday, I go to flute lessons. On Saturday I play in a band. I started to go to music lessons when I was 7 years old, to play the flute when I was 8 years old and to play in the band when I was 10 years old.

In the summer I go to a music camp. In this camp you can play a music instrument and meet people.

When I’m at home I listen to music to do homework, browse the web, sing, dance…

When I listen to music, I’m happy and I feel good.

I have got one little sister, she is 9 years old and the last year she started to play the drum. She loves singing, dancing and music, too.

Do you like music?

Do you play a musical instrument?

JÚLIA LLORENS ROVIRA 2nd Year of Secondary School


My name is Júlia, I am 13 years old and I’m from Spain. I love Christmas because I haven’t got school, I am with my family and I can eat nougat, I love this. In my Christmas holidays I spend much time with my family. I love decorating the tree and the nativity scene. I also love doing Christmas cards.

These holidays, I'll play the flute in a concert with a band of my town.

In my town, all the streets are filled with lights. The children are very happy with their new toys. In my country, people celebrate the Three Kings: Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar. In the Christmas parade, the Three Kings throw candies. They are magical holidays.

Merry Christmas!!!

Do you like Christmas?

What do you do in your Christmas holidays?

What are the customs of Christmas holidays in your country?

JÚLIA LLORENS ROVIRA 2nd Year of Secondary School


Hello, my name is Cristina. I'm thirteen years old. This is the stadium of my town, Villa-real (Spain). In this photo we can see the people or the fans of Villa-real Football Club. It was the moment when people went down to the ground to celebrate the victory one year ago.

In Spain. football is very important for teenagers and people in general. Going to watch football matches is so very funny for me! My favourite teams are Villa-real and Real Madrid. I don't like Barça, the rival football team of Real Madrid but they also play very good and the players are very friendly and very nice, too.

Villa-real is a small city but is very beautiful and the people is very funny. I LOVE MY TOWN!

Where do you live?

What is your favourite team?

Do you like football?

CRISTINA CATALÁN LOZANO 2nd Year of Secondary School


Hello, my name is Cristina. I'm thirteen years old and I live in Vila-real (Spain). My favourite sport is riding a horse because horses are my favourite animals.

When I go to riding with my friend, I happened a very good time because she is very funny and friendly and we love horses. Riding is very enjoyable but sometimes I do hurt. I feed to the horses everyday because they need to eat like us. They also need to have a shower everyday because in the training, they run very fast.

Apart from horses, I like cats, birds and dogs, because they are all very funny, too. My grandparents have got two cats in his house and I have got five birds in my house. It's great! I feed them every day as the horses. Really, all animals are very beautiful!

What is your favourite animal?

Do you like the horses?

What is your favourite sport?
CRISTINA CATALÁN LOZANO 2nd Year of Secondary School 


My name is Sunna and I am from Vila-real, a beautiful town close to Castellón, in Spain. Here, there is an important happening every year and I would like you to know what it is.

Each year, my high school is the organizer of a meeting of all the mediators from all over the Valencian autonomous community high schools and organize “Les Jornades de Mediació”.The psychologist and the Principal of my Seconday School began this project 6 years ago together with a staff of teachers who had trained as mediators and from then on they have been training students like me to become mediators as well. The charge of these mediators is to solve problems between students of their high school. To our surprise and gratification, this year in the sixth annual conference, 1200 people have come to my town in order to attend "Les VI Jornades de Mediació" or rather “The Sixth Mediation Conference”. In contrast, we were only 300 people last year.

To tell you the truth, we have been growing year after year and I am very proud of taking part of every annual conference.

Have you got anything like that in your high school? Are you pro or against this method of solving problems?

SUNNA SÁNCHEZ LLOP 1st Baccalaureate Level: B1


While we are growing up, we are looking forward to holidays throughout the year. When we were children an our holiday was over, we were happy with the idea of meeting our school friends again.

Now, when we are older, just like me that I'm 17, we only think about holidays in order to rest of all the exams. We love clubbing and meeting our friends as a way of switching off our brains and disconnecting of our studies.

Nevertheless, when we were younger, at the age of 6 or 7 years old, we had more fun than now. 
In my case, I have been going on holiday to the same campsite each year since I was 5. In fact, I go there one week each year. It is located in such a beautiful village in the north of Spain, close to Gerona. I have experienced ones of my best moments with my friends and my family there.

What about you? where do you go on holiday?
Do you go to the same place now as when you were younger?
How many times do you usually go on holiday?
Do you like travelling or staying at home?

SUNNA SÁNCHEZ LLOP 1st Baccalaureate Level: B1

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